Act Now to Fix the Black Jobs Crisis

pa-text_web_350x233.pngWe stand with Patricia Allen and the other black workers in LA who face hiring discrimination. We call on on the LA City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti to take action to end the Black Jobs Crisis, and to show leadership to inspire the County and the region, by creating an Office of Labor Standards Enforcement to enforce hiring standards that ensure workers aren’t sidelined because of the color of their skin.

(Patricia's story is below.)

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As a single mother, I was always proud to set a good example for my 11-year old son by working hard.

But then my employer - a government contractor receiving public funds - laid me off and I was forced to go on public assistance. I was the only black worker on a site of over 50 people, despite black folks being ready, having the training, and seeking jobs. It didn’t help my case that I am a woman. You just don’t see a lot of black women on construction sites. But we’re here. And we’re ready to work.

Meanwhile, the same thing was happening to many other black workers in LA - they were unable to get construction jobs because they’re black. In fact, black workers make up only about 2% of the construction workforce in LA - a disproportionately small number.

Imagine - you can’t get hired in your own community despite being ready, willing, and able to work. Apparently all because of the color of your skin. The problem is so bad, that in LA, 50% of the black population (you read correctly - 50%) is unemployed or underemployed.

But this isn’t just about black workers. Unemployment and poverty are unfair and deadly to families of black workers who are excluded from the workplace, but the economy of the entire region will suffer if we are held back and prevented from advancing in work and in life.

A 21st Century Los Angeles should not be place where the color of your skin excludes you from work! LA City contractors and employers should NOT be allowed to get away with it.

It was only with the help of the Black Worker Center that I was finally hired. But without equal opportunity standards enforcement, my job - like the jobs of all black workers - is precarious. All workers deserve to be hired on our merits, not color.

Join me in calling on the LA City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti to create an Office of Labor Standards Enforcement like San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Miami and other cities have, to enforce equal employment laws and workplace hiring standards that ensure workers aren’t sidelined because of the color of our skin.

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    we can create are on jobs,company, unions, etc… we need good ideas lets not wait for know one, lets count on are selfs, are own ideas. if we all put are $$$ together the sky is the limit
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    Thank you Patricia for your courage!!!!!

    Help bring LA’s economies together and fairness to the labor market! Sign this petition now!
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    I stain in solidarity with all workers..DISCRIMINATION HAS TO IN NOW!!
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    Sign the petition: Act Now to Fix the Black Jobs Crisis
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    We need a change now!
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